Youtube SEO

What is Youtube SEO?

Works that ensure the increase of subscription, like, comment and view counts of YouTube channels on the YouTube platform are called YouTube SEO. It is a whole of works that allow brands to communicate with their target audiences via YouTube. Though similar to search engine optimization, YouTube SEO is performed in a more comprehensible manner. However, what matters in YouTube SEO is completely about creating videos that users might be interested in. A YouTube channel succeeds when an interesting video comes together with other factors.


Video Resolution

Video quality or video resolution is always an important factor for YouTube SEO. High resolution influences the display and audio of the video. Today, with the internet having become extremely fast, users prefer watching videos on high quality. Users with slow internet can lower the video quality and watch it when you upload a high quality video. But when a poor quality video is uploaded, a user with fast internet will not be able to do the same. Therefore, you must make sure that the videos that you upload on your channel have high resolution.

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    Video Titles

    If a video is made with the keywords that are searched from the YouTube search field, the name of the video should be the relevant keyword. When users search the keyword via YouTube, they can directly find your channel and video.

    Do not create clickbait titles to get clicks, your video title should be about the video that you made. The titles that are created for clicks will not do you much good even though they might make a contribution to the video at first.
    The length of the title should be no more than 100 characters. Each title that exceeds 100 characters might not only be an eyesore for the users but also part of it will not be seen in the search page. It is really important for you to include your keyword when you create titles. In addition, creating an interesting title will have a positive effect on the video views.

Video Descriptions

Video descriptions are the most important factor that needs to be watch out for after the titles. The first place where the users will look at after reading the title of a video is the video description. The YouTube video description section allows a maximum of 5.000 characters. That is, you cannot add more than 5.000 characters long description below your YouTube video. Your descriptions should be written based on the flow of your video, the users should be able to follow the video and the description at the same time. Do not include the keywords that you find in your video descriptions. In fact, do not fill your descriptions with keywords. The users want to see a description when they click the description section. Therefore, you do not want to leave a negative impression on the users.

Make sure to include your social media handles in your vide descriptions. Brand recognition is vital for YouTube channels. The first 125-character part of your description is displayed in the YouTube display page. Try creating an interesting description by including your keyword within the 125 characters.
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    Tag Choice

    The YouTube tag system is the exact same as the system used for internet sites. As is known, users search with keywords on YouTube. Thus, adding the keywords that the users might search in the tag section allows your videos to get more views. You can use the tags that your rivals use when you add tags. For that, you can use the VidlQ Chrome extension or find it manually. You can use the search section to find how your videos are searched on YouTube. You can add the variations of the keywords of your video in your tags.

    Tag choice is crucial for the views of YouTube channels but is must be done right. Using irrelevant words and the same words more than once in the tag section will get your channel into spam. Therefore, the right thing to do will be to use keywords that are relevant with the video.

Annotation Cards

Annotation cards are the section that mostly come up at the end of videos and that include information like the notes, products, videos, internet site. The popular YouTube channels usually use the cards to steer their followers at the ends of videos. They are especially helpful for the users with moving on the another video at the end of one. You can highlight the products that you are promoting in the video with the cards section and link your playlist. Using YouTube cards will be useful for you in terms of the continuity for the channel. You can get the users to watch your other videos by including videos that might draw the users’ attention at the end of the video. You can promote the products that are promoted in the video to the users again with the cards section. Products that are promoted in lengthy videos are forgotten by the users, though they can see the products thanks to the cards. In addition, cards also allow subscribing to another channel, visiting the internet site and collect donation. Annotation cards that you will use effectively mean the users will spend more time on your channel.
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    Your channel can only be watched by Turkish speakers and you may not be adding subtitles in your videos for that reason. But remember to include subtitles in our own language as hearing impaired users in our country can understand the videos only by reading. Because the use of subtitles depend on the user turning it on and off, it will not have much of an effect on your videos.

    Moreover, YouTube automatically translates the videos that are watched in different languages. But because the translation is done by robots, word groups with extremely poor quality are put forth. You need to add subtitles even if your videos only appeal to Turkey. This way, you can make your followers feel that you care about the users.

Pick Thumbnails

As is known, there are thumbnails before watching the YouTube videos. These images are automatically set by YouTube, though the channels use this feature to get more views. Thumbnails should be uploaded to draw the users’ attention. The users should click on the video once they see the images. Steer clear from thumbnails that are automatically created. If you cannot make an interesting thumbnail, you can pick a part within the video.
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    Name Your Video

    Have your keyword in the file name part before uploading videos on your YouTube channel. Thus, you will be able to provide information about your content to YouTube bots.