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Simur Digital; Turkey's FIRST and ONLY Over 15 Languages is an international Digital Performance Agency with SEO, Digital Marketing experience and reference.

Simur Digital conducts SEO and Digital Marketing activities on an international level. It works remotely and transparently without being limited to four walls.

Having the title of being the first and only SEO company with SEO references in over 10 languages in Turkey, Simur Digital was founded in 2018 by Atalay Sıdar. Simur Digital has been one of the sector’s leading companies with its crew that has been working remotely since its foundation, and with its disciplined way of working where they have eliminated the concept of work hours.

Meet our team!

Here is Simur Digital A.Ş team scattered all over Turkey!

  • Damiana-Sıdar Damiana Sıdar Chief Executive Officer
  • Atalay-Sıdar Atalay Sıdar Chairman of the Board
  • Çağrı-Şahin Çağrı Şahin Chief Operating Officer
  • Burak-Gül Burak Gül Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ahmet-Güzel Ahmet Güzel Developer
  • none Ayşenur Kocabıyık Wordpress Developer Intern
  • none Irmak ERCAN SEO Intern
  • none Alev Su AKSOY SEO Intern
  • none Edanur KILIÇ SEO Intern
  • none Murat BUDAK SEO Intern
  • none Hilal Rakıcı Accounting Specialist
  • none Ayberk Gündoğan Senior Sales Asistant
  • none Taha Yıldırım Sales Asistant
  • none Kerem AYDIN Sr. Art Director
  • none Tarık Cantok Jr. SEO Specialist
  • Burak-Bilcen Burak Bilcen Jr. SEO Specialist
  • Halil-Kayazade Halil Kayazade Sr. Software Developer
  • none Adem Özdemir Web Developer
  • none Rasim Ortacı Photographer
  • none Join Us Loading...
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