SEO101 Book ( SEO Teach Book )

What Does the SEO 101 Book Give its Readers?

The topic with which everyone who has just gotten into the sector, who has improved themselves to a certain extent or who wish to manage their own website has a hard time is not knowing where to start on SEO or how to create, manage and develop the SEO. You will find a guide consisting of 10 steps in this book which has been prepared as the first and only book that explains STEP-BY-STEP SEO in Turkey. The SEO 101 book is the only hands-on SEO book compared to today’s SEO books. It is one of the few books where people, aside from those who have set their hearts on it, who are beginners or who want to start can learn SEO inside and out. The SEO 101 book provides hands-on answers for the questions of how can I understand SEO better and how can I manage my own project and not to learn SEO. If you wish to manage your own project and learn how the SEO works are performed, this book is just for you.
Table of Contents

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In summary, this book is designed to teach you SEO Step by Step, rather than terminology.
  • Google Algorithms
  • Picking the Domain & Hosting
  • Picking SEO-Friendly Themes
  • Building SEO-Friendly Site with WordPress
  • Determining the Keywords
  • On-Page SEO
  • Webmaster Tools Guides (Yandex & Google)
  • Google Analytics & Yandex Metrica
  • Rival Site Reviews
  • SEO Tools (On-page & Off-page)
  • SEO Compatible Site Setup with WordPress
  • In summary, this book is designed to teach you SEO in a Step-by-Step Applied way rather than terminology.


Turkey's first and only step-by-step SEO book!

The SEO 101 book answers the questions of how can I better understand SEO and how can I manage my own project, not just to learn it.


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Thanks to the SEO 101 book, you can learn SEO by starting from scratch or improve your existing SEO knowledge, build your own website from scratch and make all the necessary settings.

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The SEO 101 book answers the questions of how can I better understand SEO and how can I manage my own project, not just to learn it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simur Digital has answered the most frequently asked questions for you!

  • Who Should Buy The SEO Book?
    The SEO101 book has content that can be of interest to anyone interested in Digital Marketing. But for friends who are more interested in SEO, it can be recommended one click more. In short, it has content that can be a reference book for anyone interested in digital marketing and SEO.
  • Can I Do SEO With What I Learned In The SEO Book?
    You can create your own web project with what you learned in the SEO101 book, and you can develop your knowledge and practice a lot by doing SEO yourself thanks to the steps in the book.
  • Is It Possible To Learn SEO With The SEO 101 Book?
    The purpose of SEO 101 is to teach readers about SEO in a purely hands-on way. The SEO 101 book is one of the rare books that shows people what SEO is and how it works. If you want to learn SEO and improve yourself, you should definitely evaluate the SEO 101 book.
  • Is SEO 101 Book Compatible With Google Algorithms?
    The SEO 101 book was published in 2018 as a new generation book. Although 2 years have passed since its publication, it continues its publication life completely in accordance with google algorithms.
  • Why Should I Buy SEO 101 Book?
    If you want to learn SEO, improve yourself and manage your own project, you should definitely get the SEO 1010 book. Compared to other seo books, the SEO 101 book teaches you SEO in a practical way. As it is known, learning by practice is more memorable, so you should buy the SEO 101 book and start working on it immediately.
  • Will there be an increase in the organic traffic of my site with the SEO 101 Book?
    The SEO 101 book shows you the work you should and should not do when starting a new project in a practical way. Thanks to these applied studies, readers get a good start to their projects and experience an increase in the organic traffic of the sites.
  • How Can I Improve My SEO Knowledge Outside of the SEO book?
    The best action that can be recommended at this stage is practice. As you start applying what you have learned by opening different sites to reinforce what you know so far, you will encounter different problems and you will realize that you are constantly improving your own knowledge as you start researching to solve them.
  • Is SEO Book 2021 Compatible?
    Since some of the information in the SEO101 book is directly related to the algorithms, it has been written according to the release date of the book. Naturally, there is no information or content about algorithms published after that date. But apart from such sections, the content of the book and the SEO tactics you can apply are things that may be valid in 2021 as well.
  • Is the Pdf Version of the SEO 101 Book Available?
    Unfortunately, the pdf version of the SEO 101 book is not available. Since it is a printed material, we have not made the pdf version available online or for sale.
  • What Will the SEO 101 Book Bring Me?
    The SEO 101 Book adds many things to its readers such as Google algorithms, domain and hosting selection, site setup, on-site and off-site SEO work. And you see all the studies we have mentioned in a practical way. In other words, the SEO 101 book is to teach you how to do SEO in general very well.