What is SEO?

Do you need ad-free traffic? Is your website income less than your expectations? Does your website rank lower than it deserves? Then let’s introduce you to SEO. Let your website get better ranks, get more clicks with 100% organic traffic and growth, increase your income and get the chance to let everyone hear about your brand. Moreover, let your rankings stay right where they are while you keep on earning, even if you take a break from the works with SEO works.


SEO revenue calculation with SEO ROI!

Before starting SEO studies, it is very important to calculate the return on your investment in this area in terms of calculating how much you can earn from these studies in the long or short term. Thanks to the ROI tool we developed for our users who have not benefited from any of the Digital Marketing studies before or who want to compare their current investment with the rate of return, you can easily calculate how much traffic you can drive to your website if you rank in the top 10 in Google searches by using only the monthly search volumes of your keywords.

If you are an e-commerce site owner, you can easily calculate how much income you can generate in a month from which product category by entering the search volumes of your keywords and the average basket amount in the relevant category.

By using the SEO Revenue calculation tool, you will have the opportunity to measure the monthly fees you will pay for SEO studies and your monthly earnings & traffic return without investing, and measure in advance how logical your investment will be for you.

You can check the monthly search volumes of your keywords with the Google Keyword Planner tool or get support from us by contacting us.

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SEO studies are basically divided into two groups.

Onpage SEO (On-site)

We call Onpage SEO studies, which are among the first pillars and sine qua non of the SEO operation, based entirely on technical and software controls and analysis. When we start a new SEO project, after identifying the keywords mutually, we check whether the site is crawled properly and stably by search engine spiders. If the site does not have a technical problem with crawling, controls and analyzes are performed on how spiders render the site.

Our goal here is to determine if there is a technical problem on the site. Because it is impossible for a website that is not crawled & rendered properly by Google or other search engines to be included in the search results. As a result of a technical mistake to be made in this area, you will never reach the rankings you want, no matter how intense the content operation – backlink operation you perform on the project.

As Simur Digital, we are proceeding through a performance-oriented working system, so we start with on-site SEO studies in accordance with our goals for you to allocate less budget for the off-site SEO side and to achieve success in the project in a shorter time.

Off Page SEO

OffPage SEO, on the other hand, is a general name given to the clickable reference links we receive from other sources for the websites we work on. The sources of these reference links and the way they are taken are completely customized according to the project, an organic graphic is prepared and the environment is prepared for such links to come from different sources naturally. These backlink resources to be taken; It can be taken from a local news site, a well-known news site, a forum site actively used by users, dictionary or directory sites, company directories, actively used blog sites, edu or gov links, pdf links or sites with sectoral content. Although our main goal here is Google, that is, SEO-oriented, we also carry out studies to get efficiency from these sources, from which we get backlinks. In this sense, we have a 30-item checklist that we have prepared specifically for backlink studies. Within our checklist, we research the traffic values, index numbers, external link sources (incoming and outgoing), how regularly they publish their content, and even between which time zones they publish their content.

Our Pride Painting!

Want to see the words with the highest search volume that we've had first page success with so far?

Search Terms Average Monthly Searches
Teeth Whitening
Gift Box
Monthly Search Volume
  • In the Left 10 Words 610.100
  • Keywords We Put On The First Page 3.789.000

Take a closer look at the SEO roadmap!

In order to achieve success in SEO studies in a short time, we have prepared a Roadmap consisting of 6 steps.

  • Technical Seo Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Operation
  • Backlink Operation
  • Competitor Site Analysis
  • Monitoring and Tracking Analysis
  • Technical Seo Analysis

    The first thing we control when we start the SEO operation is how the website is crawled by the search engines and whether the website has any rendering-related problems. Because a website that cannot be properly crawled – rendered by search engine bots cannot achieve a good position in the search results no matter how extensively SEO strategy works are done. Therefore, we have a lot of confidence in our SEO know-how and we perform extremely detailed technical analyses within this knowledge. We have different checklists that we create on a sectoral basis. For example, we have a 50-point list for a customer of ours in the e-commerce sector in addition to the regular SEO criteria, or we have several control groups prepared with different contents and details based on the websites of our corporate customers. This way, we apply different analyses and tests in each project that we work on and make the websites extremely agreeable for both users and search engine bots. We use many paid and free-of-charge SEO tools while executing all these analyses. Our only point of focus in the technical analyses is not on the search engines, behavioral analyses – UX tests are performed for the users visiting your site as well. To sum up, it is not a package technical analysis work; we start our works with a working system that is specific entirely to your website and sector.
  • Keyword Analysis

    After completing the technical SEO analyses, we go about our keyword list which we have worked on when making the agreement, and move on to the further detailing stage. At this stage, our first control group controls how much the keywords we were given comply with the objective that is desired for the project. After controlling the compliance of the keywords with the monthly search volumes and the project, the new words to be added are included in the list, if any; and the up-to-date ranking is obtained for the website. These rankings are based on while executing the monthly performance measurements. As a result of the analyses performed at this stage, detailing is done regarding what is the size of the target audience that we appeal to for the website for which we will be performing the SEO works – how much traffic we can get annually – what are the criteria of our target audience – how long on average can we achieve these traffic goals. While performing the keyword analyses, we examine the sectoral keywords, long tail and entity keyword groups and the rival keywords and prepare a detailed reporting.
  • Content Operation

    We make different groups like entity search – long tail keyword group – rival keywords – blog keyword group that we have established while preparing our keywords. Then, which keywords from the keyword pool at hand will be directly included majorly into the SEO works, which keywords will support which pages will be schematically prepared. A monthly content operation detailing is done from the remaining keyword group and the group that is made according to the search volumes of the words that are specially prepared for the blogs. At this point, the rivals are also taken into consideration and a content format is prepared regarding how many keyword blog pages will be opened for the site within a duration of 1 month – which main titles and subheadings these pages will have, how many words the relevant blog contents will be and the day & hour when they will be shared. Thus, we both detail the content operation that we will do for our website, and we include the keyword groups that are not on the site for which we are performing the SEO strategy work about the keyword groups of our rivals in to the works as well.
  • Backlink Operation

    Before starting on the backlink works, the on-page errors on the site are eliminated in around 2 months first, then the website is supported with the contents. As these works are ongoing at full speed, backlink sources for the website start to be researched. When the backlink works for the projects for which we are conducting the SEOs will begin, which websites will get backlink, how often to get backlink and the types of the backlinks to get are prepared in advance. Moreover, at this stage, we reevaluate the websites that we have prepared based on the 15-point off-page SEO criteria that we have developed for ourselves. For example; we control in detail the monthly traffic values of the sites in our list that we prepared for the backlink work, how much content they create in 1 month, the copy and authenticity ratios in the content created, the sites through which one exits from the site and the keywords, and even from which words the traffic that sites get from the organic. Because the more you can accomplish naturality in a backlink operation, the more efficiency you will get from the works.
  • Competitor Site Analysis

    Competitor analyses are a must of the SEO works. In this sense, many companies or SEO experts do not control the works of the rivals in detail. The information about the site for which the SEO strategy work is being performed is really important, and so is learning the rival sites in the same sector and what their strategies & behaviors are. Thanks to our strategies and alert systems that we have specially built in this area, we monitor the keywords from which our rivals are getting traffic, the words they are considering to work with for the next period, their traffic tendencies, backlink sources, frequency and details of entering content and even their uptime durations. And we can collect data of the rival sites’ product inventory and even the product prices with the different strateiges that we have developed for e-commerce sites.
  • Monitoring and Tracking Analysis

    Thanks to the Monitoring and Tracking analysis strategies that are specially developed as Simur Digital, we collect pretty detailed data about the websites for which we are conducting the SEO works and about the rival sites. The systems that we prepared in this sense are developed in direct proportional to our imagination. We create different software if necessary to prepare the data on the sites, and keep the whole ecosystem under our supervision. Our control stages at this point have a pretty broad range from the analysis of the log files of the websites that we work with to the server statuses of the rival sites. At the end of the month, we evaluate these data that we carefully collect and plan the SEO works that we will be doing in the next period in a performance-oriented manner completely based on these data.
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According to What Success is Measured with SEO?

Unlike popular belief, measuring the achievement goals is pretty easy in SEO works. The only thing that is important is to set your strategy-oriented goals before starting the works. We set our strategies according to the goal which you would like to achieve from the works and start getting returns in a short while. As it can also be understood from the items below, while on increases, the others will also increase right after.

  • Conversion Rates Get more sales with the right SEO strategy especially on e-commerce sites.

  • SEO Visibility Get more visibility with this targeting that is usually preferred for blogs or news sites.

  • Traffic Increases Add more value to your brand with goals for a regularly increasing organic traffic.

  • Ranking Changes Get maximum performance out of the SEO works with your constantly rising keyword rankings.

Brand Value & Branding Announce your brand to more people after the SEO works and let everyone know about you.

What to Watch Out for When Picking a SEO Agency?
Frequently Asked Questions

Simur Digital has answered the most frequently asked questions for you!

  • What is SEO?
    SEO is the whole of the works performed to obtain more traffic and better ranking from search engines in the relevant keywords of the website.
  • What is Organic Traffic?
    All of the traffic you receive from search engines such as Google - Yandex - Bing is called organic traffic.
  • What is Technical SEO?
    Technical SEO is the general name of software work done in order to better crawl and render websites by search engine bots.
  • What is on-page SEO and what does it do?
    Onpage SEO, also known as On-Page SEO, is actually the sectoral equivalent of technical SEO. It covers the work done to make websites compatible with search engine bots criteria.
  • What is off-page SEO and what does it do?
    Offpage SEO is the process of preparing the promotional & advertising content of the site in different sources and websites for the websites studied and gaining references with clickable links.
  • Should I do SEO or SEM?
    Although this situation completely changes according to the sector you are in, the investment you make in the SEM side is temporary, not permanent. As long as you advertise, you can gain visibility and conversion, but SEO work will keep your rankings and your earnings stable even if you take a break from working in the long run.
  • Why Should I Do SEO?
    SEO investments are preferred because they will protect themselves in the long run and users trust organic search results more. It is cheaper when compared to other advertising channels.
  • How Long Should I Get SEO Services?
    A minimum of 3 months is foreseen for you to get efficiency from SEO work. Depending on the sectoral competition, this situation varies between 6 months and 1 year.
  • How Are SEO Prices Determined?
    Pricing in SEO studies is determined according to the sector and work intensity.
  • How should I choose an SEO Agency?
    The most important point in choosing an agency is experience. It should be checked how many years of experience the agency that will carry out your work has, which companies it has worked with before and what kind of success it has achieved.
  • Which SEO Tools do you use?
    We use many paid and free tools in our SEO work. Your websites are checked regularly with Ahrefs - Semrush - Moz - Majestik - Deepcrawl - ScreamingFrog and many more tools.
  • How soon can I see the results of SEO studies?
    You can start to see the results of SEO studies from the first month. However, in order to get efficiency from these studies, you need to be on the first page or in the top 5 rankings for your keywords. Depending on the sectoral competition, this situation can have a visible effect in periods such as 3 months - 6 months.