Wordpress SEO

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a site management interface that is used by many sites worldwide. It is an application that allows internet sites to be built without needing any coding and that stands out with its drag and drop property. WordPress is the most frequently used site management system with a worldwide usage of 30%. 1 out of 3 sites control their sites with WordPress. The reason why the WordPress interface is used this much is actually due to its ease of use. WordPress is a system where the sites have more success in terms of SEO compared to the other management systems.


Download Responsive Themes

One of the first things that you should do after downloading the WordPress interface on your site is to download themes. Downloading themes is easy, you can install the theme you like on WordPress by watching a video. But what matters is the theme that you pick for your site. Theme choice has always been difficult for the sites.

Theme choice is one of the factors that might have a direct effect on the performance of your internet site in the search engines. Therefore, theme choice is crucial. After finding a theme that is relevant to your site, you must make sure that it can run on all devices. In addition, you should make sure that the users can navigate easily on your site by doing the necessary edits in terms of user experience.

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    Turn on Search Engine Visibility

    In order for the newly opened sites not to get scanned by search engine bots, firstly the search engine visibility is turned off. The reason for that is to prevent Google bots to scan the things done on the site. If you have not turned on your search engine visibility after you are done arranging your site, it means that you are affecting your site performance.

    To find out whether the setting is on or off, you should go on the Settings>Reading section and then unclick the search engine visibility option at the bottom of the page. The search engine bots will automatically scan your site after these actions.

Download WordPress SEO Add-on

One of the most important add-ons that you will download on your WordPress site is the SEO add-on. The SEO add-on adds many properties like meta titles and descriptions for the contents on your site, robots.txt, sitemap, schema standards on your site free of charge.

The SEO add-ons are one of the few tools that optimize your site and particularly your contents in terms of SEO. You can optimize your site in terms of SEO using the SEO add-ons and thus increase your organic rankings. There are 3 SEO add-ons that are used popularly nowadays. These add-ons are among the mostly used SEO add-ons worldwide. You can choose between the 3 add-ons and add them to your site.
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
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    Create Meta Title and Description

    Meta titles and descriptions can be added to each page with the SEO add-ons. However, many people misunderstand the meta description and title, which has a negative impact on the site’s performance. Your title that you set as H1 is usually seen in the SEO add-ons as your meta title. Meta title and description is the first part where users will get information about your site in the search results.

    The title that you create should include your keyword and also be interesting. For example, you can grab the attention of the users using titles like “The Best WordPress SEO Guide”. In addition, in your meta descriptions, you should use texts that will draw the users to the site. Avoid creating meta descriptions by using a part of your content or using copied texts.

Set Its Permanent Link

Set Its Permanent Link The page and writing section of your site have odd links depending on WordPress and your theme’s demo. It is important that the URL structure is readable in terms of SEO. Therefore, you should pay attention to your URL structure when you optimize your site. Changing the URL structure in WordPress is extremely easy. You can change the URL structure of your site via the path Settings>Permanent links. If you want to use SEO-friendly URL, you can choose the option “Article Name”. H titles have the quality to summarize what a content or a page is about to the search engine bots. Therefore, it should be used logically. H1 title tag should be used so that it will be 1 per page maximum. You should use 1 H1 in all your pages, including your homepage. You should also make sure to use titles between H2-H6 after determining your H1 titles. Titles between H2-H6 are usually defined as subheadings. You should absolutely use subheadings in your contents in order to present a better way of expression to the users.
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    Optimize the Images

    You should definitely use multimedia elements in your contents in order to draw the users’ attention. Because Turkish users care more about the visual than the writing, you should make sure to use visual elements in your contents relevantly with your contents.

    You can find all the multimedia elements that you have uploaded on your site in the WordPress media section. These include pdfs, videos and image types. Your images should be optimized before uploading any on your contents. For example, we rename the image that we will upload in our content “optimize-visuals.jpg”, compress it and upload it on our site. After adding your images on your contents, you add footers to the images and optimize them in terms of SEO.

Speed up Your Site with the Cache Add-on

Although WordPress delivers a great performance for the internet sites, it is never sufficient on its own. As is known, website speed is a really important factor in terms of user experience. Therefore, the cache add-ons that are released for WordPress are preferred. You can speed up your site to a certain extent with the cache add-ons, without dealing with any codes or details. There are 4 mostly preferred cache add-ons among the WordPress cache add-ons which are respectively known as; Litespeed cache, WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache. You can cache your pages and speed them up using these add-ons.
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    Use the Schema Standards

    Schema standards allow Google bots to understand the sites better. You can increase your organic traffic using the schema standards that might draw the attention of the users in search results. SEO add-ons allow you to use the Schema standards free of charge. The Yoast SEO and All In SEO add-ons can automatically set the Schema standards for your contents.

Create Quality Content

Quality content is another ranking factor that has become much more important after the Google Panda update. Now ranking high in Google rankings is by creating quality content. The WordPress content section will tell you the wordcount of your content but creating quality content is entirely up to the author. You should create your contents in the light of the questions of what type of content your target audience likes reading and does it have search volume. You can have more effect on your rankings by adding titles, meta titles and descriptions on your contents.